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Welt Pockets for the Fulton Sweater Blazer

Like many others I instantly fell in love with the notched collar of the Fulton Sweater Blazer from Alina Design Co, and loved the idea of a comfy sweater with an element of formality. But I’m not really a fan of patch pockets, I don’t think my sewing is precise enough to make them look good. So I decided to add welt pockets instead! Welt pockets are easier than you think (I think they’re easier than sewing patch pockets, especially in a knit), and you could use this tutorial to add welt pockets to any cardigan of your choosing, not just the Fulton!

We are going to sew the welt pockets at the beginning, before the rest of the sweater blazer is assembled. To start, cut double of the pockets and pocket interfacing, so you have 4 pieces of each. On one set of the pockets, cut 3/4” off the top so you have a longer set and a shorter set. Apply one set of pocket interfacings to the top of the longer set of pockets, only. Make sure you have marked the pocket placement on the front of the sweater blazer pieces as indicated on the pattern, and apply the other set of pocket interfacings on the back of the front pieces, roughly centered over the pocket placement mark.